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Purpose: The purpose of the Merom Improvement Scholarship is to encourage youth and adults to continue their education and to teach the importance of giving service to their community.


Who May Apply:  Any high school graduate or equivalent who is registered at an accredited college, university, trade school or training school, and who has donated at least 20 hours of time in community service to the Merom Community.


Amount of Scholarship:  The applicant may receive up to $250.00 per year, with the possibility of an amount totaling $1,000.00.  The applicant must continue to do six hours of Merom community service annually and complete a worksheet to qualify for the scholarship, and can apply one time per school year. A check will be sent directly to the Financial Aid Department of the school the applicant lists on their application. The applicant must also supply a student identification number and a billfold sized picture the the Merom Improvement Association.  Applications may be obtained at the Sullivan High School, Merom Library, Merom Improvement Office for the Merom Chautauqua website. These applications must be returned to the Merom Improvement Association by May 1st.

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